EA - NCL-104C - Labstrong TSS Oven, 1 cu ft, ± 1°C at 104°C (NCL104C)

LabStrong TSS 1 cu ft oven with chamber termperature uniformity of ± 1°C at 104°C
Manufacturer: Labstrong

NCL and LabStrong have teamed up to offer you a TSS oven that actually meets Standard Method’s requirements, and doesn’t cost $10,000. This oven is certified to have a uniformity of ± 1°C at 104°C by an independent testing facility. Gravity convection oven for TSS tests at an affordable price.


  • Large 4.3” display with touchscreen interface for easy operation
  • Thick wall and door insulation keeps inside temperature uniform
  • Chamber temperature uniformity is ± 1°C at 104°C
  • Digital controller for accurate temperature setting
  • Quick recovery times following sample insertion
  • Inside dimensions: 12” x 12” x 12”
  • Shelf size: 11.5” x 12”, 2 shelves provided
  • Outside dimensions: 16.9” W x 16.3” H x 17.4” D
  • Durable outer case made from scratch-resistant powder-coated steel
  • Calibration can be performed at user-selected temperature
  • Programmable
  • Overtemp alarm and cut-off
  • For 120 VAC operation
  • Warranty is 2 years for parts and 90 days forlabor